Economic Regulation & Public Law

In Chile’s economy, the modern regulatory state has given Economic Regulation and Public Law a fundamental role. Companies require not only to understand the scope of complex regulations and comply with them, but also to be able to engage in a dialogue with regulatory agencies in a context of collaboration.

Our experience, at both the public and private levels, allows us to understand the needs of our clients and guide them to comply with regulations, as well as to propose optimal strategies to anticipate or solve conflicts with regulatory agencies.

Throughout more than a decade of professional practice, we have interacted with diverse administrative authorities and courts, among others:

· Financial Market Commission (ex Superintendency of Securities and Insurances).
· Superintendency of Banks and Financial Institutions.
· Undersecretary of Telecommunications.
· National Commission in Charge of Investigating the Existence of Distortions in the Price of Imported Goods.
· National Service for Consumer Protection.
· Courts of Appeal, Supreme Court, and Constitutional Court, through constitutional actions.